XM Podcasts

Cool! XM satellite radio is making some of its programming available as free podcasts. Beginning December 11, you can download XM content hosted by Bob Edwards, James Carville, Mike Krzyzewski, Barry Switzer and Opie & Anthony. But what really excites me is XM Unmasked, hosted by the extraordinarily funny Ron Bennington. [ Expand All |… Continue reading XM Podcasts

Comments on OPML 2 expanded Attribute

In response to Dave’s proposal to add an expanded attribute to the OPML 2.0 spec, I have the following thoughts. Typo: “Its optional” should be “It’s optional” As a general matter, I’m not convinced that this belongs in the spec. It seems to me that display properties are the application’s problem, not the file format’s.… Continue reading Comments on OPML 2 expanded Attribute

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Leash and Feedparser

Maybe I’ll write up something a little more formal in the future. For now, I just want to publish this in case it’s useful to someone. Les Orchard posted a blurb that indicated that he was looking for a PHP class to perform HTTP requests with conditional GET support. Well, a while ago I was… Continue reading Leash and Feedparser


I’m remapped. That was like a flashback to elementary school, getting called out by the teacher in front of the whole class! 😳 Thanks, Dave.

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Supports OPML

Not that I’ll ever use it, but it looks like Microsoft is supporting the use of OPML subscription lists in Outlook 2007. I tried NewsGator’s Outlook extension, and I think Outlook is the worst conceivable way to consume the large volume of information I have in my modestly sized subscription list. But at least Microsoft… Continue reading Microsoft Outlook 2007 Supports OPML

Answer the door

Dave Winer is looking for a developer to work on Share Your OPML. If you’re interested, I strongly urge you to pick up the baton. I can vouch for what Dave says in his post: he’s demanding, but he really invests in the people with whom he works. As long as you’re not a prima… Continue reading Answer the door

Optimal Bugfix

I released a bugfix for Optimal today. The latest version is 0.4c. If you haven’t experienced any weird problems with the 0.4 release, don’t bother updating. Thanks to Chris Pirillo for bringing the problem to my attention and working through it with me.