Fixing Node.js v0.8.2 Build on Linux

There’s a nasty gcc bug on RedHat (RHEL 6) and CentOS Linux (and related) that gets triggered when you try to build Node.js v0.8.2: pure virtual method called. Solution: Run make install CFLAGS+=-O2 CXXFLAGS+=-O2 instead of just make install. More info: Cannot compile node.js 0.8.2 under CentOS 6.2 “make install”: terminate called without an active… Continue reading Fixing Node.js v0.8.2 Build on Linux

A Gotcha Using Node.js + Request In a Daemon

I have a Node.js program running as a daemon on a Linux VPS. Periodically, it polls a list of URLs using <a href="">request</a>. When it first starts, everything runs smoothly. But after running for a while, it starts getting 400 errors, and the longer it runs, the more URLs return 400 errors. I could not… Continue reading A Gotcha Using Node.js + Request In a Daemon

Firefox 3 Display Bugs?

I’ve installed Firefox 3, and it looks like they may have rushed it out the door a bit. I’m seeing some sloppy display bugs that are kind of annoying. I’m running Windows XP Pro SP3. See for yourself: Note the clipping along the bottom of the statusbar, as underscores and descenders are cut off. But… Continue reading Firefox 3 Display Bugs?

FreeNX with Fedora 8

Just finished installing Fedora 8 on one of my machines, only to find that one of my favorite tools, FreeNX (a VNC-like remote desktop protocol), would not work. Turns out Fedora 8 ships with a known bug. More info here. PITA.

New York Times Home Page RSS Feed Driving Me Nuts

The New York Times is doing a lot of great things with its website and RSS feeds. But somewhere along the way, they’ve introduced a bug in their code that generates the RSS feed for the home page. The bug is that the channel title switches back and forth between “NYT >” and “NYT… Continue reading New York Times Home Page RSS Feed Driving Me Nuts

Another Outlook feature disabled by Microsoft

After deciding that we are too stupid to be permitted to receive certain kinds of attachments in Outlook, Microsoft has also decided that one the most important features offered by Outlook, saved searches, are too dangerous to be permitted. Welcome back to 1995!