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Firefox 3 Display Bugs?

I've installed Firefox 3, and it looks like they may have rushed it out the door a bit. I'm seeing some sloppy display bugs that are kind of annoying. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3. See for yourself:

Note the clipping along the bottom of the statusbar, as underscores and descenders are cut off.

But check this out. Same theme, but with XP Styles enabled (not my personal preference), and the clipping is gone.

Now, look at the noise in this shot. Where is that coming from?!

Finally, check out the left-side alignment, as "Work offline" is not aligned with the other menu items.

That last one is only present when I use the Azerty III theme, but the other bugs appear in the Default theme, as well.

Seen any others?

Update: Surprise, surprise! Went through the tedious process of disabling all add-ons then re-enabling each of them one by one, and it turns out that those statusbar display bugs were caused by Forecastfox and Foxclocks (not in combination, either one alone causes the display issues).

Twitbin Fails Basic Password Security

UPDATE: FIXED. See the comments below.

A couple weeks ago, I installed twitbin, a Firefox extension that loads twitter in a sidebar. But, I just happened to be checking my browser cookies, and I noticed that my twitter username and PASSWORD were stored in my browser cookies in plaintext! This is not even a session cookie -- it is persistent, with a one-year expiration.

Are you kidding me?! Twitbin -- uninstalled.

"[I]t is never appropriate for cookies to contain plaintext user names and passwords." [The World Wide Web Security FAQ]

The Firefox "Memory Leak" That's Really a Feature (Or Vice Versa)

According to Inside Firefox - The Inside Track on Firefox Development:

For those who remain concerned, here's how the feature works. Firefox has a preference browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers which by default is set to -1. When set to this value, Firefox calculates the amount of memory in the system, according to this breakdown:

RAM Number of Cached Pages
32MB 0
64MB 1
128MB 2
256MB 3
512MB 5
1GB 8
2GB 8
4GB 8

Bottom line: setting browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers to something low will help avoid this memory hogging.

Firefox Extensions Pocket Lint

A few Firefox items I need to record:

Hacking Firefox Extensions--ExtremeTech Feature

Bookmarks Synchronizer

When Bookmarks Synchronizer stops autosynchronizing:

When Firefox is started, the bookmarksftp.browsercount is incremented. When Firefox exits, bookmarksftp.browsercount is decremented. Every time Firefox ends abnormally, bookmarksftp.browsercount does not decrement. Autosynchronization only occurs when the browser count is zero. So...

  1. Type about:config in the Firefox location bar.
  2. Search for bookmarksftp.browsercount.
  3. Change the value to 1

All fixed!

TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet

I've made a TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet for Firefox -- and mine actually works! Others I've seen don't use the "post" method, which is required by the TrackBack specification. Here's my TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet. Drag it to your toolbar. Select the URL to which you want to send a TrackBack Ping, then click the Bookmarklet. Fill in your blog information, and click the button. TODO: Add a method to pull your blog information from the TrackBack RDF you should have on your permalink page.

Toolbar Button Spacing

Using Firfox 1.0.3, there seems to be a problem with either the Qute theme or the Googlebar extension (I think the former) resulting is a squished looking Googlebar. Very annoying. Here's a pic. And here's the fix:

/* Less toolbar button spacing */
toolbarbutton {
  padding: 3px 4px 4px 3px !important;
toolbarbutton[checked="true"] {
  padding: 4px 3px 3px 4px !important;
toolbarbutton[disabled="true"][open="true"] {
  padding: 3px 4px 4px 3px !important;
toolbarbutton[type="menu-button"][disabled="true"]:hover:active {
  padding: 0 !important;