TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet

I’ve made a TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet for Firefox — and mine actually works! Others I’ve seen don’t use the “post” method, which is required by the TrackBack specification. Here’s my TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet. Drag it to your toolbar. Select the URL to which you want to send a TrackBack Ping, then click the Bookmarklet. Fill… Continue reading TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet

Categorylist Modification

I modified the categorylist plugin for Blosxom. Now it only lists a category if there are posts in that category. I’ve created my category taxonomy (tentatively) before I’ve posted in every category, and I don’t want a slew of links to (0) posts. Here’s a diff of my modification.

Writeback Plus Modification

I made a couple of modifications to the Writeback Plus plugin for Blosxom. Here’s the diff file. Basically, I wanted to have the ability to have alternative writebacks display with a shaded background. In addition, I fixed the removal of the builtin trackback flavour. And I also fixed the annoying always plural usage of “writebacks”… Continue reading Writeback Plus Modification