Jaiku Planet Venus Filter

Just started exploring Jaiku and, coincidentally, Planet Venus. One of the cool things about Jaiku is that it aggregates your other web presences (like your blog, twitter, del.icio.us, and flickr posts) and integrates them into Jaiku presence stream. The down side of this is that it’s not as good at that as Planet Venus, and… Continue reading Jaiku Planet Venus Filter

Character Encoding Help

Tom Morris is pulling his hair out dealing with XML character encoding issues. I’ve gone through this myself. I found that the SimplePie feed parser has great logic for dealing with this, so I adapted it to my needs in my PHP class XMLParseIntoArray. I think I’ve expanded on SimplePie’s approach a bit, but it’s… Continue reading Character Encoding Help

Leash and Feedparser

Maybe I’ll write up something a little more formal in the future. For now, I just want to publish this in case it’s useful to someone. Les Orchard posted a blurb that indicated that he was looking for a PHP class to perform HTTP requests with conditional GET support. Well, a while ago I was… Continue reading Leash and Feedparser

Optimal Bugfix

I released a bugfix for Optimal today. The latest version is 0.4c. If you haven’t experienced any weird problems with the 0.4 release, don’t bother updating. Thanks to Chris Pirillo for bringing the problem to my attention and working through it with me.

Optimal OPML Browser Update v. 0.4

I’ve completed a major rewrite of my OPML browser, Optimal. I didn’t manage to document all of the changes, they were so numerous. Highlights are: Object-oriented reimplementation, making it more portable to other applications Same code may be used as a WordPress plugin — replaces the OPML Renderer plugin for WordPress RSS items now include… Continue reading Optimal OPML Browser Update v. 0.4

Optimal OPML Browser Update v. 0.4pre1

I’m still working on a significant rewrite of my OPML browser, Optimal, but I’ve decided to release the current working version in the meantime because it addresses a couple of significant usability comments I’ve had. Specifically: There are now links to expand/collapse all nodes, and There is a new query string parameter, depth, which allows… Continue reading Optimal OPML Browser Update v. 0.4pre1