XMPP vCard Python Script

Couldn’t find a script to update my Jabber/XMPP vCard photo (a/k/a avatar), so I wrote one. It requires xmpppy (a/k/a python-xmpp). It should work with gTalk, but I have not tested it. Credit to pastebin for some code snippets. Hope this saves someone some time and effort. #!/usr/bin/python ”’vcard.py – Update your XMPP vcard photo… Continue reading XMPP vCard Python Script

Jaiku Planet Venus Filter

Just started exploring Jaiku and, coincidentally, Planet Venus. One of the cool things about Jaiku is that it aggregates your other web presences (like your blog, twitter, del.icio.us, and flickr posts) and integrates them into Jaiku presence stream. The down side of this is that it’s not as good at that as Planet Venus, and… Continue reading Jaiku Planet Venus Filter

Juice-y Python

I use Juice to manage my podcasts. But it doesn’t do everything I need, and it’s a little buggy, and I want to learn Python anyway. So I decided to download the latest source code and see if I could fix some of the bugs I’ve noticed and figure out how to extend it to… Continue reading Juice-y Python