What is it about Twitter?

I like people. I swear I do. It’s just that personal interactions tend to be extremely tiring. They take a lot out of me. And the larger the group of people, the more severe the energy drain. Same with familiarity: the less familiar I am with people, the more draining it is to interact with… Continue reading What is it about Twitter?

Twitter-Speak at BearHugCamp

After a fairly testy exchange at BearHugCamp this morning among Steve Gillmor, Dustin Sallings (twitterspy and IdentiSpy bot creator), a few audience members and the guys at Twitter, Alex Payne actually gave a very clear statement about the lengths to which Twitter was willing to go to aide developers in building upon and extending Twitter.… Continue reading Twitter-Speak at BearHugCamp

Nick’s Zappa Playlist

I twittered about an amazing playlist (or iMix, if you will) of Frank Zappa tunes that Nick Bradbury published, but it appears that iTunes has deleted the iMix because Zappa is no longer on iTunes. But it’s an amazing playlist, so here it is: Peaches In Regalia, Hot Rats (1969) Camarillo Brillo, Over-Nite Sensation (1973)… Continue reading Nick’s Zappa Playlist

Weird Traffic

I just saw some weird traffic on this blog. Last week, I was testing a plugin when it went a little haywire and automatically created a bunch of posts (based on my NewsGator clippings, including a lot of law related and gadget related topics — things I read about but don’t write about). And then… Continue reading Weird Traffic