Were Robert Johnson’s recordings sped up?

A post over on Boing Boing (“The last mystery of the blues: were Robert Johnson’s recordings sped up?”) drove me right to my sound editor to see how Robert Johnson’s performances may have sounded different from his recordings. Here’s the result: Robert Johnson Speed Demo The audio is a 30 second clip of “Sweet Home… Continue reading Were Robert Johnson’s recordings sped up?

Nick’s Zappa Playlist

I twittered about an amazing playlist (or iMix, if you will) of Frank Zappa tunes that Nick Bradbury published, but it appears that iTunes has deleted the iMix because Zappa is no longer on iTunes. But it’s an amazing playlist, so here it is: Peaches In Regalia, Hot Rats (1969) Camarillo Brillo, Over-Nite Sensation (1973)… Continue reading Nick’s Zappa Playlist