Fragile Tools

Not as much fun as Fraggle Rock. I’m currently dependent on the following fragile tools: Twitter Google Reader To a lesser extent, Firefox and Chrome What do I mean by “fragile tools”? Consider Twitter: It started as a fun ecosystem for development, where anyone could whip up an interesting alternative way to interact with the… Continue reading Fragile Tools

My Link Blogs

Finally have a bunch of my link blogs posted. A little explanation, though. First, this is an OPML file, generated by NewsGator, filtered through sed, and displayed by Optimal. Second, I maintain these link blogs in FeedDemon and my own aggregator built on the NewsGator API. As of the latest version (ver. 2.5), FeedDemon automatically… Continue reading My Link Blogs

Quick WordPress Upgrading

Note to self: Grab a unified diff of the new version versus the old version: svn diff -r HEAD –old<old_version> \ –new<new_version> Apply the changes to the current installation: patch -d <path_to_wp_install> -u -i <patchfile>

Superhero Meme

As seen on Scripting News and TechCrunch (among other places)… Your results: You are Hulk Hulk 80% Superman 65% Spider-Man 60% Green Lantern 60% The Flash 55% Iron Man 50% Robin 45% Catwoman 45% Supergirl 35% Wonder Woman 30% Batman 25% You are a wanderer with amazing strength. Click here to take the Superhero Personality… Continue reading Superhero Meme

BlackBerry Browser User Agent

FYI: My BlackBerry’s Web browser identifies itself (i.e., “User Agent”) as: BlackBerry8700/4.1.0 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 So in PHP, an inexpensive check would be something like: if ( 0 === stripos($useragent, ‘blackberry’) ) { echo “True”; }

UPDATE: Washington Post Fixes Website for Mobile Users

After about two weeks of unresponsiveness, I finally found yet another way to contact the Washington Post to complain about their broken website (see my previous post for more info). This time, they promptly responded to my complaint, and within three or four days, the website was fixed. My contact person, Sarah Lumbard, was courteous… Continue reading UPDATE: Washington Post Fixes Website for Mobile Users

Note To Self: API Change rolled out a new API server. Eventually, the old server will shut down. This will effect MySQLicious. If the old URL was: the new URL will be: Note: The use of https (for secure connections) The new server name The addition of a version number where the /api/ used to be