Note To Self: API Change rolled out a new API server. Eventually, the old server will shut down. This will effect MySQLicious.

If the old URL was:

the new URL will be:


  1. The use of https (for secure connections)
  2. The new server name
  3. The addition of a version number where the /api/ used to be

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  1. maybe this is why I haven’t recv’d my nightly linkroll from them (they call it ‘daily blog posting’) for the last two nights as input to my blog. And now that I check their site (, I see this error:

    Running at Fri Jun 9 00:24:16 2006 GMTFetched 1 items.posting error was: 500 Server closed connection without sending any data back

    I’ve made no changes to my WP blog so…

    Thx for pushing me to check their end, I just touched their EDIT button to reset it, maybe tonight, as I have no other way to tweak their settings.

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