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WordPress 2.3 Upgrade

Just finished upgrading to WordPress 2.3. Went off without a hitch -- even converted my categories to tags. I did have one issue with that, though. For some reason, certain posts were marked "Uncategorized" while other retained only my default "Miscellany" category. I couldn't detect the pattern. I had to "hand" edit the database to finish cleaning that up.

Other issues so far: I'm getting blank pages after form submissions in the admin interface (UPDATE: caused by having no categories 😕 ). Also, I notice that the Blogroll > Import Links panel uses the wrong taxonomy category to obtain the list of blogroll categories.

My Link Blogs

Finally have a bunch of my link blogs posted. A little explanation, though.

First, this is an OPML file, generated by NewsGator, filtered through sed, and displayed by Optimal.

Second, I maintain these link blogs in FeedDemon and my own aggregator built on the NewsGator API.

As of the latest version (ver. 2.5), FeedDemon automatically syncs your "News Bins" with your NewsGator "Clippings Folders" -- two terminologies for the same thing. They really ought to pick a name. In any event, now that I've set it up, these should self-maintain without any additional work on my part. That's what programming is all about!

OPML Workstation Now IntelligentTeams

I guess I missed it, but at some point in the past few months OPML Workstation relaunched or rebranded itself IntelligentTeams. Maybe it was a soft launch? I don't know. Maybe I'm just not as tuned in anymore.

IntelligentTeams looks like a LAMP-based OPML Community Server (but I have no idea what the underlying technology is). It's pretty rough around the edges -- a lot of new windows opening, jarring full page refreshes, links to external site to provide certain functionality -- but it's workable. Check out this page from John Palfrey.