Weird Traffic

I just saw some weird traffic on this blog. Last week, I was testing a plugin when it went a little haywire and automatically created a bunch of posts (based on my NewsGator clippings, including a lot of law related and gadget related topics — things I read about but don’t write about). And then… Continue reading Weird Traffic

What is a podcast?

Mike Arrington recently reignited some discussion about the definition of a blog. I have a related question: What is a podcast? I’m really only concerned with two technical questions: Does each feed item need an enclosure? If not, what ratio of items with enclosures to total items makes a feed a podcast? Does the enclosure… Continue reading What is a podcast?

Alex King WordPress Plugin Roundup

Alex King, a WordPress über-hacker (and formerly a b2/b2evolution hacker), is writing a series of posts about his recent redesign of His latest post describes the numerous WordPress plugins he’s using, many of which he wrote. I’m not using any of these right now, but I steal Alex’s ideas and code all the time… Continue reading Alex King WordPress Plugin Roundup