XM Podcasts

Cool! XM satellite radio is making some of its programming available as free podcasts. Beginning December 11, you can download XM content hosted by Bob Edwards, James Carville, Mike Krzyzewski, Barry Switzer and Opie & Anthony. But what really excites me is XM Unmasked, hosted by the extraordinarily funny Ron Bennington. [ Expand All |… Continue reading XM Podcasts

Podcast recommendation

Just finished listening to the The Traneumentary podcast. Fantastic! 33 episodes in all. Subscribe

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What is a podcast?

Mike Arrington recently reignited some discussion about the definition of a blog. I have a related question: What is a podcast? I’m really only concerned with two technical questions: Does each feed item need an enclosure? If not, what ratio of items with enclosures to total items makes a feed a podcast? Does the enclosure… Continue reading What is a podcast?