OPML Renderer Update

Version 0.6 of the OPML Renderer Plugin for WordPress has been released. This release primarily fixes some bugs and enhances some functions. In the works for the next release is inclusion of RSS feeds, which would enable feed grazing.

OPML Editor Conversion Updates

I’ve added some conversions to the OPML Editor: Convert a NewsGator file Convert a FeedDemon file Import Bloglines, NewsGator, RSS Bandit and SharpReader OPML via URL Update Refer instead to my new tool: yabfogTools.root.


Here’s a tool to translate your XBEL bookmarks to OPML. It’s just a quick hack, but it works. Use Bookmarks Synchronizer to generate an XBEL file from your Firefox bookmarks, upload it, and your bookmarks will be returned in OPML format.

OPML Renderer Plugin

I’ve been monkeying around with rendering OPML in WordPress. Finally, I learned how to create a WordPress plugin, so I’ve created OPML Renderer, a plugin that renders valid OPML from any source as an expandable/collapsible list. Thanks to iconophobia and the inlineRSS plugin for some code and ideas.

OPML Sidebar for WordPress

If you look in the right column running down the main page of this website (the sidebar), you’ll notice a heading for my “Blogroll.” And if you examine the blogroll, you may notice this little graphic that says OPML. That’s because my blogroll is being generated on-the-fly from my OPML reading lists generated by PodNova… Continue reading OPML Sidebar for WordPress