Firefox 3 Display Bugs?

I've installed Firefox 3, and it looks like they may have rushed it out the door a bit. I'm seeing some sloppy display bugs that are kind of annoying. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP3. See for yourself:

Note the clipping along the bottom of the statusbar, as underscores and descenders are cut off.

But check this out. Same theme, but with XP Styles enabled (not my personal preference), and the clipping is gone.

Now, look at the noise in this shot. Where is that coming from?!

Finally, check out the left-side alignment, as "Work offline" is not aligned with the other menu items.

That last one is only present when I use the Azerty III theme, but the other bugs appear in the Default theme, as well.

Seen any others?

Update: Surprise, surprise! Went through the tedious process of disabling all add-ons then re-enabling each of them one by one, and it turns out that those statusbar display bugs were caused by Forecastfox and Foxclocks (not in combination, either one alone causes the display issues).