Optimal OPML Browser Update v. 0.4

I’ve completed a major rewrite of my OPML browser, Optimal. I didn’t manage to document all of the changes, they were so numerous. Highlights are: Object-oriented reimplementation, making it more portable to other applications Same code may be used as a WordPress plugin — replaces the OPML Renderer plugin for WordPress RSS items now include… Continue reading Optimal OPML Browser Update v. 0.4

Optimal OPML Browser Update v. 0.4pre1

I’m still working on a significant rewrite of my OPML browser, Optimal, but I’ve decided to release the current working version in the meantime because it addresses a couple of significant usability comments I’ve had. Specifically: There are now links to expand/collapse all nodes, and There is a new query string parameter, depth, which allows… Continue reading Optimal OPML Browser Update v. 0.4pre1

Del.icio.us to OPML + Mash

I’ve still got some work to do, so this is just a “hey, it works” sort of post. John Tropea posted last week about an OPML hack for del.icio.us to which I responded with a more dynamic example and to which another reader asked, “Why bother?” Fair enough quesiton, and here’s a better answer by… Continue reading Del.icio.us to OPML + Mash

FTP Upstream Script Update

Earlier this week, I quietly released a revision to my ftpUpstream script for the OPML Editor. Details are available and comments or questions should be posted here. The main change was to add a prompt-based method for obtaining user settings instead of requiring the user to manually edit the OPML Editor database.

Yabfog Tools Update

I’ve updated Yabfog Tools for the OPML Editor. It’s a minor update to turn off the automatic re-installation of the new conversions since this is no longer necessary with the new updating procedure in the OPML Editor. As of this version, no changes are made to your OPML Editor setup after installation of Yabfog Tools… Continue reading Yabfog Tools Update

OPML Renderer Update

Version 0.6 of the OPML Renderer Plugin for WordPress has been released. This release primarily fixes some bugs and enhances some functions. In the works for the next release is inclusion of RSS feeds, which would enable feed grazing.