to OPML + Mash

I've still got some work to do, so this is just a "hey, it works" sort of post.

John Tropea posted last week about an OPML hack for to which I responded with a more dynamic example and to which another reader asked, "Why bother?" Fair enough quesiton, and here's a better answer by way of example.

I’m using MySQLicious to mirror my bookmarks to a local database (for several good reasons). Now that I have a local copy of those bookmarks and all the tags and other metadata, I can remix it however I want.

The first thing I've done is create an OPML file on-the-fly, where every bookmark is rendered as an RSS feed item with the bookmark's URL as the feed htmlUrl and the xmlUrl is an RSS feed of a Feedster search on the bookmark's URL.

Here's the raw OPML file.

Here's how it looks in Optimal.

Notice that there is a query string parameter "addfeeds." Without this parameter, the OPML is simply rendered as a link list. An addfeeds value of "feedster" adds the search feeds. Eventually, I'll have some additional query values I could use here, such as Technorati.

Here's the source.


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