Could JXCore Be An Awesome Deployment Tool?

JXCore allows you to turn Node.JS applications into stand-alone executables. One possible use case would be to package up your entire application in an executable and deploy it to production servers, skipping the usual dance with git and npm. If performance is good, this could make for an interesting deployment tool. Deploy by Dropbox? Yup,… Continue reading Could JXCore Be An Awesome Deployment Tool?

New git alias: git last

I made a new git alias I’m loving. Maybe you have something similar. I’ve added this to my .gitconfig: [alias] last = rev-parse –abbrev-ref @{-1} This gets the name of the branch you had checked out prior to the current branch. It’s like git checkout -, but you can use it all over, such as:… Continue reading New git alias: git last

RabbitMQ Queue Auto-Delete

Breadcrumbs for myself. Queue config options: exclusive: delete when declaring connection closes. No other connection can even access this. Only queues can be exclusive. autodelete: delete when the last downstream thing (i.e. consumers for a queue, or queues for an exchange) goes away. Note that this isn’t bound to channels or connections at all really.… Continue reading RabbitMQ Queue Auto-Delete

Fragile Tools

Not as much fun as Fraggle Rock. I’m currently dependent on the following fragile tools: Twitter Google Reader To a lesser extent, Firefox and Chrome What do I mean by “fragile tools”? Consider Twitter: It started as a fun ecosystem for development, where anyone could whip up an interesting alternative way to interact with the… Continue reading Fragile Tools

Making FiOS Actiontec Router and Apple Bonjour Services Play Together

I have Verizon FiOS at home. It’s very fast, but if you want optimal speed and all the features the service offers, you must use the router supplied by Verizon. This week, Verizon replaced my old router with a new one: Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I. Unlike the older model it replaced, the new router is a Gigabit… Continue reading Making FiOS Actiontec Router and Apple Bonjour Services Play Together

Enermax KB007U-B Key Picture

My sons keep popping the keys off of my Enermax KB007U-B keyboard, and I was having a hard time putting them back on. But this picture proved very helpful because it shows how the little, white scissor hinges (or whatever the hell they are) are supposed to be connected.