Google Advanced Operators

David Pogue blogged this fabulous link, which is a quick reference to some advanced Google usage techniques. There were a few here I didn’t know about: ~word searches for “word” and its synonyms X..Y searches within the range of numbers from X to Y

Error Page for e107

Formally submitted my three-part fix for the error page distribution with e107. If you (1) setup the e107 error.php file as your ErrorDocument and (2) try to fetch a page NOT in your e107 installation root that causes an error, the display of the resulting error page is mangled because the server doesn’t know where… Continue reading Error Page for e107

TrackBack Ping for e107

Fixed the TrackBack ping function in e107. The plugin doesn’t create all the database fields, so manually add the field ‘trackback_blogname’ as the last field (I made it type VARCHAR(150)) in the ‘e107_trackback’ table of your database.

Blog spam

Blog spam is becoming a serious problem. This site has been up for less than a month, and already I’m annoyed by one type of blog spam: referral spam. Another kind is comment spam or trackback spam. Good discussion and some suggestions are on the b2evolution forums here, and my referral spam solution is here. Sidebar Item seems like the greatest thing right now. It’s a social bookmark manager. I’m using the following code right now to include a random set of my bookmarks on this page. Discussion here.

Outlook 2002 Holidays Update

Very annoying. The holidays in Outlook 2002 (aka Outlook XP) only extend through 2005. I guess that’s part of Microsoft’s planned obsolescence, but I need to schedule beyond 2005, and I intend to keep using Office XP as long as possible. Strangely, Microsoft released a calendar update for 2007, but only for Outlook 2000! Well,… Continue reading Outlook 2002 Holidays Update

TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet

I’ve made a TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet for Firefox — and mine actually works! Others I’ve seen don’t use the “post” method, which is required by the TrackBack specification. Here’s my TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet. Drag it to your toolbar. Select the URL to which you want to send a TrackBack Ping, then click the Bookmarklet. Fill… Continue reading TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet

Categorylist Modification

I modified the categorylist plugin for Blosxom. Now it only lists a category if there are posts in that category. I’ve created my category taxonomy (tentatively) before I’ve posted in every category, and I don’t want a slew of links to (0) posts. Here’s a diff of my modification.

Writeback Plus Modification

I made a couple of modifications to the Writeback Plus plugin for Blosxom. Here’s the diff file. Basically, I wanted to have the ability to have alternative writebacks display with a shaded background. In addition, I fixed the removal of the builtin trackback flavour. And I also fixed the annoying always plural usage of “writebacks”… Continue reading Writeback Plus Modification