TypeScript without TypeScript

Or: Use TypeScript without Transpiling As a colleague and I were planning a new project, we realized there were pain points in our existing projects that we wished very much to resolve (particularly an Express API written in TypeScript that pre-dated both of our start dates at the company). The Problem The biggest pain points… Continue reading TypeScript without TypeScript

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Node Setup for Macs

I use Macs, and I have a lot of Node projects on my Macs. Those projects don’t all use the same version of Node, so I need to have multiple versions installed. I also want to have a “system” version of Node installed. I’m really happy with how I have my Macs set up to… Continue reading Node Setup for Macs

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The Problem with Promises and Domains

What are domains? How restify uses domains People have been having problems using Promises with restify And people have been having problems with Promises and domains in node for a long time Maybe it will be resolved in node v8.x In the meantime, one “solution” (a/k/a work-around, a/k/a hack) is to swap out the native Promise… Continue reading The Problem with Promises and Domains

Pull Requests: Assign or Request Review?

If you’re feeling confused about GitHub’s new review requests feature (as opposed to the existing ability to assign people to issues and pull requests) here’s my take. When review requests were first rolled out, they were not very useful because there was no way to see a list of pull requests you had been requested to review.… Continue reading Pull Requests: Assign or Request Review?

So You Want To Keep Your Cookies Secure

At Social Tables, we have this Koa app that needs to read and set a session cookie. We don’t want to send that cookie over an unencrypted connection, though. We use koa-generic-session for session management. That library uses the cookies library under-the-hood, and luckily, there’s a simple configuration option to avoid sending cookies over an… Continue reading So You Want To Keep Your Cookies Secure

Link Dump – Node.js Security

A Malicious Module on npm The npm Meltdown Uncovers Serious Security Risks Package install scripts vulnerability Is Guy Fieri in Your Node.js Packages? Controlling the Node.js security risk of npm dependencies One easy way to inject malicious code in any Node.js application

Making the Correct Insanely Difficult

tl;dr If you’re trying to configure nginx on Elastic Beanstalk to redirect http requests to https, here’s what I learned. During deployment, the nginx configuration for your app is located at this file path: /tmp/deployment/config/#etc#nginx#conf.d#00_elastic_beanstalk_proxy.conf via Using a container command, you can edit that nginx configuration file right before it gets deployed. I used a… Continue reading Making the Correct Insanely Difficult