Trackback Spam

As of its most recent version, b2evolution has a problem with trackback spam. Several b2e users (including Whoo and Graham) have suggested renaming the directory that contains (among other things) the trackback script. In theory, this should eliminate spam from bots but should not effect legitimate commenters and pingers. Here’s a perl script I wrote… Continue reading Trackback Spam

MySQLicious-based Sidebar Item

Walter Cruz told me about MySQLicious, which mirrors your bookmarks in a MySQL database. I think it works much better than my previous sidebar solution, which used Magpie to snarf the RSS feed and built the sidebar item from the RSS feed. Here’s the setup as I’m using it: Setup MySQLicious according… Continue reading MySQLicious-based Sidebar Item

Category list modification (b2e)

Similar to the change I made to the blosxom categorylist plugin, I modified b2evolution’s category list module to only list a category if there are posts in that category. I also inserted a space between the checkbox and the category item. This change goes in the file: {YOUR_BLOG_ROOT_DIRECTORY}/skins/_categories.php Here’s a running tally of the diffs.… Continue reading Category list modification (b2e)

Bash script: ted

I just wrote a little bash script, “ted” (for Tracking EDitor), which I am loving. You call ted like you would call your usual text editor, and ted backs up the file you’re editing, appending the originial timestamp as a suffix. Then, when you’re done editing the file, ted runs diff to keep a running… Continue reading Bash script: ted

Error Page for e107

Formally submitted my three-part fix for the error page distribution with e107. If you (1) setup the e107 error.php file as your ErrorDocument and (2) try to fetch a page NOT in your e107 installation root that causes an error, the display of the resulting error page is mangled because the server doesn’t know where… Continue reading Error Page for e107

TrackBack Ping for e107

Fixed the TrackBack ping function in e107. The plugin doesn’t create all the database fields, so manually add the field ‘trackback_blogname’ as the last field (I made it type VARCHAR(150)) in the ‘e107_trackback’ table of your database. Sidebar Item seems like the greatest thing right now. It’s a social bookmark manager. I’m using the following code right now to include a random set of my bookmarks on this page. Discussion here.

TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet

I’ve made a TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet for Firefox — and mine actually works! Others I’ve seen don’t use the “post” method, which is required by the TrackBack specification. Here’s my TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet. Drag it to your toolbar. Select the URL to which you want to send a TrackBack Ping, then click the Bookmarklet. Fill… Continue reading TrackBack Ping Bookmarklet

Categorylist Modification

I modified the categorylist plugin for Blosxom. Now it only lists a category if there are posts in that category. I’ve created my category taxonomy (tentatively) before I’ve posted in every category, and I don’t want a slew of links to (0) posts. Here’s a diff of my modification.