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Shame on you, Washington Post

At some point today, the Washington Post broke its website for Blackberry users (and perhaps other mobile device users).

Now, any time I try to access an article by clicking on a link in my RSS aggregator on my Blackberry, I get redirected to some lame "mobile site," and I can't see the story I'm trying to read.

Shame on you, Washington Post!

UPDATE: Emails went unanswered, so I called them at 703.469.2500. Me: "Your website is broken to Blackberry users." WaPo (with a level of disinterest I thought only possible when talking to an accountant at a cocktail party): "It is?" We'll see what happens...

A River for NewsGator

Truly re-inspired by Dave's injection of interest into mobile news reading, I've been tinkering with my own custom solution. Since I subscribe to NewsGator, I'm using the NewsGator API for some backend, but I've done quite a bit of plumbing myself.

The most important things I wanted to be able to do were (1) to be able to mark posts read (and since I'm using NewsGator, that "read" status synchronizes across all my aggregator clients on different computers) and (2) to fix the annoying nonsense characters introduced by idiotic feed generators -- that includes the New York Times and Washington Post.

The results are starting to shape up nicely.

Here's the main page I see after I sign in.

NewsGator River screencap 01

And notice that in FeedDemon, "Chávez" is screwy, but I've got it right.

FeedDemon screen capNewsGator River screencap 02