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Optimal OPML Browser Update v. 0.4

I've completed a major rewrite of my OPML browser, Optimal.

I didn't manage to document all of the changes, they were so numerous. Highlights are:

  • Object-oriented reimplementation, making it more portable to other applications
  • Same code may be used as a WordPress plugin -- replaces the OPML Renderer plugin for WordPress
  • RSS items now include descriptions, so you can browse the feeds without subscribing or visiting the home page
  • New widget generator to generate HTML to include Optimal on your web site

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OPML Pages and OPML Sidebar Revisions

OPML Sidebar Revisions

I made some revisions to my OPML sidebar hack.

I added a more graceful failure when the checkCache function cannot retreive the OPML file, and I also changed the $maxage variable so that its value can be passed via the function call.

In addition, I changed the HTML output to be expandable/collapsible lists. The javascript for this feature is generated by the XSL stylesheet. N.B. Be sure to drop some images in your images subdirectory and edit the XSL to set the appropriate variables to point to your images.

Most importantly, I've renamed the file from opmlSidebar.php to opmlHtmlXslRenderer.php. Why? Because I'm also using it to generate pages in WordPress!

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WordPress Comment Moderation Tweak

This is a tweak to the WordPress 1.5 comment moderation function that changes the pluggable function "wp_notify_moderator" to notify the author of the subject post, rather than the site administrator, that a comment is awaiting moderation. If the author does not have an email address or does not possess sufficient rights to moderate comments, then the notification is sen to the site administrator.

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