Hosting Issues

UPDATE: We're back.

I apologize for the erratic availability of the site. I'm having some issues with my hosting company all of a sudden. It's not a volume or resources issue, just sheer ... well, I'll hold my tongue.

Looks like I'll be moving the site to a new host, probably over the weekend, so additional outages are likely.

Please feel free to mention any suggested hosting companies in the comments.


  1. I realize I’ll have to make sacrifices at my price-point. Currently, I seem to be sacrificing responsiveness to support issues, which is becoming a tough pill to swallow as more and more people seem to be finding my site useful. Anyway, the list is basically:

    1. Unix/Linux OS
    2. The “standard” reseller-type features:
    – Unlimited domains
    – Unlimited subdomains
    – Unlimited email accounts
    – Unlimited databases
    – Total DNS control
    – Decent HD space and bandwidth
    – You get the picture
    3. SSH Access
    4. Priced less than $40/month (I’m currently paying half that.)

  2. Well, I’ll tell you what I do.

    I have a $10 account with and use that for email, domain reg (5.99 a year), DNS and I actually have my wordpress blog on there right now.

    I’ve never had an issue.

    I also have a 30 dollar dedicated server at which I do some more sophisticated stuff with. I point domains to the webserver there but leave the email on the cheap but stable account.

    Also have had no problems.
    I currently don’t use that server to it’s capacity and might be willing to coop it.

    But If that were to happen, I’d suggest hosting email elsewhere. I just use this as a webserver and databases.

  3. I got a dedicated server with this people and I want out now. They messed my system up and refused to lift a finger to correct the problem. Emailed and emailed and they stop responding to email. I will rather eat with the devil than this people. Dont believe the made up reviews on the web or paid reviews. Talk to people that actually have a service with them. Very unprofessional

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